A Prayer for OFW's

Dear God,

I am indeed very thankful that you had given me abundant blessings all throughout my life. I am very blessed - starting from my family, the work that I have right now, the colleagues that I have, my relationship with my bf, my SFC family to the struggles everyday that you allow me to take part of. Thank you also for all the talents, and the time to share it to others. As for now God, I pray for my dear OFW brothers and sisters who are working abroad for their families. We know God that you will always take good care of them despite the war, the calamities and the destructions that is happening right now in the world. You are indeed a powerful God and I know that you will never ever neglect us, and you will never ever let any harm to come upon us.

Lord May you give our fellow OFW's the strength, the hope, and the deeper faith in you. May you touch their hearts and allow them to pray before you and to use this situation to come closer to you. May you protect their families as well from all the agonies that they may be feeling right now. May you cast away all the doubts in their hearts and replace it with your overflowing love and protection.

Lord, we entrust to you everything and we will always believe that you are bigger than any storm that will pass through this current called LIFE.

Amen :)